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Lament (2010)

1. Solitude
2. Putrefaction
3. Chapter and Hearse
4. Our Sanctum Defiled
5. The Whore of Babylon
6. Lament
7. Pluvianus Devoured
8. Shipwreck In a Bottle
9. Epilogue
Malice (2014)

1. The Cremation of the Divine Monstrosity
2. The Creation of the Divine Hypocrisy
3. Malice
4. 300
5. Tempus Fugit
6. Herald the Dawn
7. Where the Wild Things Aren't
8. No Sunshine
9. White Lies In Red
10. Genesis of a Terminus
11. On Cursed Wings

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Interim Release (2015)

1. The Sounds of Silence
2. Ghost In an Ivory Tower



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